log cutting saw Professional Wholesaler
log cutting saw Professional Wholesaler

log cutting saw Professional Wholesaler

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log cutting saw Professional Wholesaler

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Product Description of log cutting saw

Main Features

With YMD log saw line, you can make a safe and fast sawing of the logs in lengths up to 150cm.Easy to operate with the strong electric motor (with motor brake)when overloading. 


Detailed Images of log cutting saw

Wood saw structure is strong, work more stable

Saw blades are sharp, faster and more efficient

Exquisite craftsmanship, more professional

When not in use, the saw blade is built in and is safer

Workshop Show

Six professional and automatic production lines in our workshop, which can guarantee the production of 5,000 sets garden tillers per month, and have strict QC quality inspectors, and supervise the production process of all items in 24 hours.

Our Service

We will provide detailed product and transport related services before you buy.

1.Professionals technicians will be send to help you with installment & adjustment to make sure the machine use well as soon as possible.
2. After all, the machine warranty for one year, all accessories complete.
3.Any question will be solved with professionals technicians in 24 hours by calling & emailing ...

After you purchase our products, we can provide the service at any time. The warranty period of the product is one year.

1. Buyers requirements: according to the users’ feedback, to analysis the reason of the problem, do right maintenance and the matched spare parts.
2.Developing a precaution system, making sure the troubleshoot be solved in first time.
3.If users are false or improper use, can call us directly, we will be pay a return visit in the first time, to give you the guide correctly.

Some important tips need to be noted

Now before using the machine , please to follow the below terms,
1. in order to protect the main part , the engine of the machine damaged, please be sure the lubricating oil and fuel is to fulfill the requirements of factory standards before using the machine every time.
2. in order to protect the key point part, the transmission case, please pay attention on the attrition of the blade . Go on adjusting them equally or to change it.

Packing & Delivery of log cutting saw

Packaging of log cutting saw







HJ400: 38KG/42KG

HJ450: 63KG/67KG

Packaging Details

We will try to reduce shipping costs by reducing packing weight for customers as much as possible.The normal packing is carton (size: L *W* H).
1. coat with high quality paint
2.Product wrap by PP-Bubble
3.Load container, Spare Parts in wooden case
According to customer's special request.

Product Brand:YMD

Order Quantity:10pcs

Product Price:USD200-300/Pcs

Product Package:carton box


Lead time:30-45days

Supplement Information 1:CE,GS certificate

Supplement Information 2:Gasoline Engine

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